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Bodywork Services

Specializing in holistic wellness, our service offerings reflect the commitment to body, mind, & soul therapies.

Elemental Balance Bodywork Session

Elemental Balance Session: A hands on session that uses muscle testing to help guide which Elements/Chakra Energy Centers within the body are needing alignment. Each session is truly unique to the individual for the season of the year & season of your life. Each element/chakra has a myriad of body treatments that may be used: Dead Sea Mud, Salt Foot Soaks, Cupping, Generalized or Focused Massage, Hot Steam, Hot Stones, Sound Bowls, Smudging, Essential Oils, Hydrosol’s, & Dry Brushing are a few examples of therapies that are combined for a session. A truly divine experience to help guide inner balance! Take home integrative suggestions are also prepared for the session.

75 Minutes $80


Energy Life Coaching

A mind, body, soul session using muscle testing to guide your healing process! Using a series of protocols & questions, we ask the subconscious using muscle testing which area(s) are ready for healing! Since 95% of our daily actions, behaviors, thoughts & fears are stored there, using the Voila Method protocol seamlessly connects us to our True Self, creating balance within mind, body, soul! This therapy is also unique to each individual & may include hands on joint balancing and/or off body guidance with emotional blockages stored in the body. An amazing experience to receive to help love, empower & honor your healing journey!

60 Minutes $80

Let's Work Together

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